”Success starts in the vineyard. It is up to us to execute the potential Nature provided us.“ – Leslie Rudd

Truly great wines are a result of place, season and know-how.

Enclosed by weathered core stones pulled from the vineyard during planting, the Rudd Oakville Estate vineyard stands out as an exceptional place when traveling the Silverado Trail. The Estate is uniquely situated within the valley, both in terms of exposure and geology in the piedmont zone of the Vaca Mountain range formed from a series of landslides with a western facing exposure. The geologic backbone consists of volcanic rock, weathered into core stone bedrock and alluvial sediments. Our iron-rich, well-drained soil is ideal for growing grapes as our vines’ root systems are forced to dig deeper to look for available water and nutrients. Large cobbles in the vineyard facilitate drainage in rains and reduce compaction.

The vineyard is organically farmed entirely by our own, full-time crew. Having our own crew enables some of the most significant winemaking actions of the year to be made in a focused, adapted and timely manner including pruning, leafing, spraying and field cluster sorting. Most importantly, this control over the vineyards allows us to learn from the cycles of each season and alter our techniques to bring out the unique potential of the Estate.