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A favorite quote from one of my mentors has never been more relevant to my personal journey, and equally to the collective Rudd quest to maximize the potential of our Estate. We have applied that maxim to our unique land, our exquisite fruit, and the care we take in creating what we believe is the best wine that the best land is capable of producing.

To understand who you are, you need to know where you come from. Wichita, Aspen, Island School in the Bahamas, British Columbia, London, NOLS, Cuba – the places I’ve lived and the schools I’ve attended weren’t a straightforward path to where I am now, but long before I started on this journey I knew that our land in Oakville was where I wanted it to end. Paris, Château Margaux, Spottswoode – with my ultimate goal in sight, my experiences became more focused on returning home to Rudd Estate with newly acquired knowledge and perspective. Rudd was the end, and in reality, just the beginning.

The 2016 Rudd Oakville Estate Samantha’s Cabernet Sauvignon builds on the promise of this quest and represents a true reflection of what a Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville’s East bench can be – floral, nuanced, and expressive. The 2016 marks a special vintage for me as it was also the year I returned from Bordeaux to begin my permanent stewardship of Rudd Estate. This was the year that my personal journey and that of Rudd Estate’s converged as a singular vision and goal of becoming “what we must be.” Looking back, I am proud of where the winery and I have come since then, and fondly reflect on this vintage of my namesake wine as a new beginning.

Our entire team is excited to share this release with you. We are confident these wines will soon be considered a classic vintage in the Napa Valley with rich texture, aromatic intensity, and a harmonious finish. With only 678 cases produced, please check your allocation and order soon as we do not want you to be disappointed.

If your travels bring you to the Napa Valley this fall we would love to host you at the Estate to share our wine, stories and laughter in this beautiful place we call home.

All the best,

Samantha Rudd