Our overarching winemaking philosophy is to allow our unique vineyard sites to express their full potential by combining meticulous, balanced farming with classical winemaking techniques enhanced by innovative practices. As Leslie puts it, “It all starts in the vineyards”, and thus our emphasis is on the vineyards. We strive to achieve an ideal balance in our vineyards with our farming practices to maximize quality at the expense of quantity in order to create the most complex and nuanced flavored fruit. Upon harvest, fruit is handled delicately at each step of the process including the use of 40 pound harvest boxes, storage in refrigerated containers, sorting grapes by hand, and analyzing individual lots during elevage. We only blend the lots that our winemaker feels will make the very best wine and declassify the remaining lots, which is typically up to half of total production. When we finally bottle the wine, we are confident it is the best possible wine that we are capable of producing.